Recommended Supplies:
     **Please note that I may be changing this as the year progresses

8 subject folders  

10 spiral notebooks

Colored pencils & sharpener in a pencil box  

Blue & Black erasable pens  

2 boxes #2 pencils  / Mechanical pencils and erasers  

7 book covers  

2 3-Ring Binders  

1 pkg of 100 index cards  

3 Glue Sticks  

1 pkg Highlighters  

TI 30 Calculator

2 large boxes of Kleenex and 1 container of disinfecting wipes for class advisor  

PE clothes & tennis shoes  

Earbuds for iPad/Laptop  

Flash Drive for MN project 

Binder or scrapbook for MN project  

1-2 packages of page protectors/page covers for MN project