I am a licensed Business Teacher and also have a Masters Degree in Teaching and Learning from Winona State University. Teaching is my second occupation as I was a Loan Officer and Marketing Director and also a Bookkeeper for several years. These previous occupations give me a lot of "real world" experiences to use to help teach my students.

For the last few years I have been teaching Careers and Accounting classes at LeRoy Ostrander. When I was graduating from high school, I had a lot of questions about what might be right for me to do for the rest of my life. It was overwhelming, to say the least. So, I am very passionate about helping students explore all the careers that are available to them and to help them narrow down which opportunities might be the best for them based on who they are and what they enjoy doing. Helping students find the field that is a great fit for them, and that they will be happy in, is my mission. Helping those that want to go into business to figure out how an accounting system works is also my mission.
A little about my personal life. I have been married to my husband, Todd, for over 25 years and we have lived on a farm outside of LeRoy for all of that time. We have one child, Laura. She graduated from LeRoy Ostrander High School in 2014.  I have two Boston Terriers and a Labrador Siberian Husky mix. I enjoy reading and spending time with family and friends.

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Mrs. Dawn Stevenson



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