FACS 8 Syllabus

Mrs. Dawn Stevenson /  dstevenson@leroy.k12.mn.us /  Phone: 507-324-5741 Ext. 4352



Sewing Machine operation

Needle skills

Sewing project


Color in my room

Arranging my furniture


Caring for my clothes



My plate


Kitchen equipment


Food safety

Kitchen safety

Food Preparation


Watching Children safely



Classroom Expectations:

Students must be polite, prompt, productive, positive, and participate. This class operates on a “Three strikes and you have detention” policy.

Students will have their names written on the board if they come to class late, lack the necessary supplies, fail to participate or follow directions, or act disrespectfully. Disrespectfully includes carrying on conversations that are not related to class content with other students after the bell rings. Students need to keep their hands to themselves and remain seated during the class period. Restrooms should be used before the bell rings.

If the student misbehaves again a check mark will be added after their name. A third misbehavior will result in another checkmark and 15 minutes of lunch or after school detention. Each additional checkmark will result in an additional 15 minutes of lunch or after school detention.

Per district policy, cell phones are not to be in the classroom. If the student has it in the classroom it needs to be in a designated box in the room. If a student is on their cell phone they will be given a “strike” and if this cell phone is distracting another student, there will be an additional “strike.”  Another “strike” will be given for time away from topic to address this cell phone issue. So detention could easily occur for one cell phone incident.


*Not all work completed in class will be graded.

*Once a unit is completed, you have until the completion of the next unit to go back and turn in late work.

*All units are not equal in length of time spent working in a chapter or topic. Knowledge and Assessment (90% of total semester grade) Tests, Quizzes, Projects, Presentations Must have all practice and progress work completed before allowed to take any tests or quizzes. Projects may be returned to the student to resubmit for more credit as determined by the teacher. Practice and Progress Grading (10% of total grade) In-class work, notes, group work, worksheets, etc.

Hall Pass Policy:

Class time is valuable learning time. Students need to remain in class as much as possible. To limit the number of distractions, students will be limited to four hall passes per quarter. Students may only use a hall pass during independent work time. No hall passes will be granted during instructional time.