Early Learners/Preschool Daily Schedule



  • 8 am-9 am/12 pm-1 pm                   Handwriting Assignment followed with Free Choice


  • 9 am-9:20 am/1 pm-1:20 pm           Circle Time (Good Morning, Weather, Calendar, Story Time, etc.)


  • 9:20-9:50 am/1:20 pm-1:50 pm      Bathroom followed with Snack Time (if students finish eating, they can go into the Book Looking/Puzzle Area)


  • 9:50 am-10:20 am/1:50 pm-2:20 pm Centers (Students will be divided into 2 groups for 15 minute activities with Ms. Paige or Ms. Pat and switching after the 15 minutes are up.)


  • 10:20-10:45/2:20 pm-2:45 pm                  Motor (whether it be outside, in the gym, or in the classroom)


  • 10:45-10:50/2:45 pm-2:50 pm                  Pack- Up Belongings and Book Bags


  • 10:50/2:50 pm                                         Dismissal (Cardinal Care, Daycare Van, Parent Pick-Up, Bus) 




If you have any questions and/or concerns, do not hesitate to email or call Paige!


Paige Ulwelling                                           


(507) 324-5741 ext. 2258