Welcome to school year 2020-2021! My name is Brad Reiter and I will be teaching 7-12 science this year. This is my eighth year in education and I have taught in both rural and urban settings. I spent my first four years at teaching and coaching at  Kingsland  before moving to Mayo High School in Rochester, MN. I grew up in Plainview, MN on a farm before moving to Spring Valley where I currently live with my wife Andrea and our three kids. I am excited to get back into the rural setting where I am teaching kids much like myself. I love to do just about anything outdoors but a few of my favorite pastimes include hiking, hunting, fishing, and sports. I am extremely excited to get to know all of my students and their families and get this school year off to a good start. 

Classroom Expectations
I expect every student to come to class not only ready to learn but also ready to open yourself up to the countless wonders that the natural world has to offer. Students know how to act when they get to high school but I want to remind students that I only have you in person for half of my normal time. I plan on doing labs and hands on activities when you are here with me in person so it is important that you show up on time and ready to go. I will also need every student to be diligent to keep each other safe in both the classroom and the lab. We not only have CORONA to deal with but students will also be working with tools and chemicals that can cause great harm to oneself and others if not used properly. Please make sure to follow the rules and be safe (common sense rule) and you will be just fine. 
I have an open door policy which means that I want you to come in whenever you have free time. I want you to know that when a student enters my room they are my priority and I will make time to get whatever questions answered that they have. I am available before and after school (it is best to let me know that you plan on coming in so I can make sure I am free), during third hour and during lunch. I am here to help everyone succeed so please don't be shy and come see me! 
I can be reached either by email, phone or in person. Please refer to the information below for details.

Mr. Reiter's Room: 107 at the end of the second floor hallway
phone: 507-324-5741 ext. 2239
Mr. Reiter's Daily Schedule   Grading Scale   Google Classroom and Google Meet Codes    
Period Class       A+ 100   1st Hour: Life Science        
1 Life Science     A 95     Classroom: h4fphgh        
2 Chemistry     A- 90     Meets: https://meet.google.com/lookup/h7wyl4t3fp
3 Prep       B+ 87                
4 Physical Science     B 83   2nd Hour: Chemistry        
5 Life Science     B- 80     Classroom: yuqkc7s        
6 Biology       C+ 77     Meets: https://meet.google.com/lookup/gmi45kursc
7 Earth Science     C 73                
          C- 70   4th Hour: Physical Science        
          D+ 67     Classroom: bboazpj        
          D 63     Meets: https://meet.google.com/lookup/attfltbkqe
          D- 60                
          F  below 59.9   5th Hour: Life Science        
                  Classroom: jg7ipvq        
                  Meets: https://meet.google.com/lookup/fcft4tkgzc
                6th Hour: Biology          
                  Classroom: otyjkck        
                  Meets: https://meet.google.com/lookup/hi4ekvbps6
                7th Hour: Earth Science        
                  Classroom: n56tvle        
                  Meets: https://meet.google.com/lookup/a6l73ofipi

Contact: Brad Reiter