Below You will find a link to google classroom if needed. You will also see the codes for each particular class that. Please sign up for the correct class so that you have access to all needed information and announcements throughout the year. 
Parents, please don't sign up for a student account. I do have an option to add parents so please feel free to reach out to me if this is something that you might be interested in. 

Please click  on the following Google Classroom link to be taken to the home page to sign in. (you will need to sign in using your school email)

Please refer to the following information to make sure that you sign up for the correct class. Please record your class information on the inside cover of your notebook.
Important Classroom Links      
1st Hour Life Science        
  Google Classroom: h4fphgh      
  Google Meets:
2nd Hour Chemistry          
  Google Classroom: yuqkc7s      
  Google Meets:
4th Hour Physical Science        
  Google Classroom: bboazpj      
  Google Meets:
5th Hour Life Science        
  Google Classroom: jg7ipvq      
  Google Meets:
6th Hour Biology          
  Google Classroom: otyjkck      
  Google Meets:
7th Hour Earth Science        
  Google Classroom: n56tvle      
  Google Meets: