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Driver's Ed Classes Start Oct. 18 - Register by Oct. 5

We look forward to offering our Driver’s Education classroom for this year.  Our first class dates are over MEA vacation. Our first dates are Thur., Oct. 18 – 8am-12:00; Fri., Oct. 19 – 8am-12:00; Sat., Oct. 20 – 8am-12:00; Mon., Oct. 22 – 8am -12:00; Wed., Oct. 24 - 3:15-6:00; Fri., Oct. 26 - 3:15-7:15; Sat., Oct. 27 - 8:00am-12:00; Mon., Oct. 29 - 3:15-7:15; Tues., Oct. 30 - 3:15-7:15. This includes a few hours for a makeup session, but more may have to be added.  If you are planning to attend FFA National Convention (Oct. 24-27), you will not be able to attend this class. If we run into conflict with volleyball, football, or cross-country sectional games, or other conflicts we may adjust accordingly.   The classes will be held in Mr. Hubka’s room.


The classroom sessions total 30 hours. The State requires that a student have 30 hours of training. The 2017-2018 drivers’ training classroom rate is $115.00 per student. Or cost is $135.00 per student, not attending L-O High School. Please complete and return registration with payment to Leann by Oct. 6th.   Nonpayment of classroom fee will result in loss of privilege to attend class.


Please note that this is classroom training only. Your child will still need to complete behind the wheel driving time. Options are ABC Driving School in Austin or Rochester Driving School. The State of Minnesota is no longer printing a Driver’s Manual. The school will provide a printed copy for each student to use for this class.

ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY!!   Please check your calendars to make sure that you can make this commitment. If you miss more than one session, you will be dropped from the class.  Any fees paid are nonrefundable.

Many new laws concerning Driver’s Education have been put into effect.  In order to get your permit, you should begin the process now.  When you apply for a permit, you must present the testers with a CERTIFIED COPY OF YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE.  A photo copy will NOT work.  The seal on this document must be raised.  The certificate from the hospital will NOT work!!  Also, you must present a social security card for identification.  You will NOT BE ABLE to take your permit test without these.

If you are planning on a farmer’s permit, you must show your parent/guardian owns the land by producing a recent copy of their real estate taxes.  If they rent the land you farm, you must produce a copy of the most recent rental agreement.

Effective January 1, 2015, every driver under the age of 18 who completes behind the wheel instruction and is testing for a provisional driver’s license must submit a driving log. Parents/guardians have two options regarding the supervised driving log:

  1. Complete a supplemental parent class provided by a driver education program approved in Minnesota, and submit a supervised driving log showing their teen has completed at least 40 hours of supervised driving. 15 of which are nighttime hours,     OR
  2. If the parent /guardian chooses to not complete the supplemental parent class, the driving log must show that their teen has completed at least 50 hours of supervised driving, 15 of which are night time hours.


The date for the supplemental parent class will be announced at a later date.


Please complete and return registration with payment to Leann by Oct. 5th.  This is the only classroom session offered this year.  If you elect not to participate, the next session will be in fall of 2019.

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