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Additional Reading:
The Broken Blade, by Minnesota author William Durbin
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Interactive Canoe --Click on or mouse over the item to identify it and it's purpose.

Voyageur Songs  


Video Links:
History of the Fur Trade in America  -3:35 min.
Northern Fur Trade -- 8:05 min.
Hudson Bay Company Trade Goods -- 4:37 min.
How to Clean a Beaver -- --14:56 min
--Note:  this video may contain graphic images (dead animals and the process of skinning an animal)
Making a Hat  -- 7:26 min.
How its Made--Fur Tanning -- 5:00 min.
A Traditional French-Canadian/Metis Rowing Song --6:25 min.
Voyageur Journey -- 9:19 min.
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