High School English Language Arts
Welcome to the Printer's Press Coffee Bar- classics are brewing! The L-O English Department is excited to discover our students' creativity and perspectives as we give them a strong foundation in reading, writing, and communication arts .  Our students will discover the power that lays within their hands as they learn the technical and emotional skills of great writing.  They will travel on new adventures and dig deeper into different ideas as they read through the classics.  As the students memorize grammar rules and put together power points, they are gaining tools that will help them most effectively communicate their ideas for the rest of their lives.  
Miss Mel
I am Melody Lunning.  Most students call me Miss Mel, so as to not be confused with the other Mrs. Lunning (my wonderful mother-in-law who also works at the school.) This is my fourth year as an employee with L-O Schools.  However, this is my first year teaching English.  I started off as a tier one teacher in the Science Department.  I then took the newly created Permanent Substitute and Student Services position for two years.  I am now exited to embark on the new adventure of teaching ELA! I received my Bachelors degree in English back in 2008 from Northwester College in Orange City, IA.  I am enrolled in a Master's in English Teaching program set to start in the spring.  My amazing husband and I have three wonderfully crazy boys and two hyper dogs.  I love hiking, boating, and vintage flea markets.   My favorite word is redemption- I have a passion for redeeming things that are considered junk.  Please feel free to drop in and have a cup of coffee! 


My Schedule
1st Period: Prep
2nd Period: American Lit
3rd Period: English 9
4th Period: English 12
5th Period: Study Hall
6th Period: English 10
7th Period: English 12

Miss Mel
9th Grade Eglish
Back to the Basics!

9th Grade English is all about laying a firm foundation of grammar and reading comprehension.  We will be diving into classics such as Journey to the Center of the Earth.  The class will then get to compare and contrast the book the movie version of the story.  We will be focusing on learning parts of speech, sentence structure, and paragraph formation. The students will also be required to read 5 books on their own per semester and take an A.R. test on them. So much FUN! :) 
10th Grade English
Building Across the Pond!

Tenth Grade will be building upon the basics of their previous year, learning the purpose of punctuation in communication.  Writing will be a big part of this class as we craft non-fiction essays and creative writings.  Works of World Literature will be our focus in reading, pulling from authors such as Victor Hugo and Salmon Rushdie for new cultural experiences.  
11th Grade English
American Lit and Speech

The 11th grade will have one semester of American Lit and one semester of Speech. 

American Lit Class will learn how to write literary analysis while picking apart works like The Great Gatspy and Spoontholothy. There might even be a 1920's party thrown in the classroom to celebrate our accomplishments. 

During Speech Class, we will first learn how to write persuasive papers.  We will then move on to studying some of the greatest speeches of all times.  The class will then write and give their well-crafted speeches.  
12th Grade English
Research and Composition

Seniors only have one semester of English.  The other semester is Senior Project.  Hence, our one semester is packed! We will read one non-fictional biography, and then turn to British Literature.  Our primary focus will be learning the in's and out's of research papers.  We will also be composing a Senior book full of stories similar to the Canterbury Tales.  The students will also get to create and publish their own children's book.