Minnesota Project
Overall Project due May 18th, 2018

Rational – The purposes of the Minnesota Project are as follows:

  • Focus learning on the home state of Minnesota
  • Provide instruction and practice in the use of resources and technology
  • Provide instruction and practice in the research and writing process
  • Celebrate the diverse state we live in


This project meets the following MN Standards for Grade 6:

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  Overview of Minnesota          
1.  MN State Symbol 

  -- The following State symbols are REQUIRED… –

Flag                   bird                  flower                          tree

Fish                   grain               gemstone                     mushroom

            Drink                muffin              seal                             Butterfly

            Song                 Photograph      Fruit                            Motto


  • --Identify each symbol with a picture
  • --Clearly label each item
  • --Other state symbols (teams, landmarks, etc. can also be included)
  • *** (drawn and colored, postcard, magazine, or photocopy of the item)

2.  MN Facts

                        ---Compile a list of 10 facts about MN (10 is the minimum required)


  • Examples could include:  size, population, inventions, highest/lowest points, area (length, width), state rankings (size, agriculture, etc.)           

Citizenship and Government   ~meets State Standards Requirement  
1.  Identify the major state governmental offices (list of names and pictures) and describe their primary duties associated with them. 

                        Example = attorney general, governor, etc.…


2.  Identify the major local governmental offices (list of names and pictures) and describe their primary duties associated with them.

                        Example = city council, county board, school board, township


3.  Identify state or local policy issues or problems Minnesotans either face or will face in the future
  • Follow format given for this (see attached)
  • Feel free to contact/write your district or state representative, a city or county official addressing state or local policy issue or problems that you are concerned with
    • Throughout the year please share any letters or responses you might receive back

Geography       ~meets State Standards Requirement    
  • Create the following maps of Minnesota (all are required)
  • Map of important cities in MN (top 10 well known/popular or biggest)
  • Map of important rivers in MN
  • Map of important lakes in MN
  • Map of the county you live in (Mower or Fillmore) with important features labeled (highways, cities, where you live, etc.…)
  • 3 Maps of MN Agriculture
  • Map of your choice dealing with something in/about MN


--These will be created by YOU, not copied or printed from another source

--All maps must use the TODALSS elements we learned in class
***—No electronic maps


Economics            ~meets State Standards Requirement          

Identify Minnesota’s major:  

  1. Industries & Manufacturing companies (companies that produce something)
  2. Technology/Health/Bio-Sciences Companies  
  3. Agriculture and agribusinesses (companies dealing with agriculture i.e. Land O’ Lakes…)
  4. Retail companies –(stores, stores you buy or purchase things from)


***these companies must originate from MN (originally developed here, MN headquarters, etc.…) not just ones we have here


***Must identify 5 companies in each category

History      ~meets State Standards Requirement                                    
1.  TYPED REPORT of a major Minnesota political or historical person that has shaped or continues to shape Minnesota today  **person MUST be approved by teacher

--typed in your own words

--at least one page in length
--Font no larger than 12 and double spaced
--Must include 1 photo of person on a separate page (2nd page)


**please try to stay away from current actors/actresses or celebrities that have a weak connection to our state.  We are looking for major and important people that have made a significant difference. 


2.  Create a PowerPoint, Prezi, or other  electronic media source on an event in Minnesota History
    • Examples:  Dakota War, major flooding, destruction of Metro Building
    • A minimum of 7 informational slides (Intro. & The End slides don’t count)
    • Event MUST be approved by teacher

***Must be done electronically


3.  Show the history or our area (LeRoy, rural communities/townships…)
  • Include information/summary and pictures of the area, what is being promoted in our town/area


4.  Show the tourism of a chosen area or place in MN outside of the LeRoy area. 
  • Include information/summary and pictures of the area, what is being promoted in those town/areas
Bibliography/Work Cited Page 
  • Typed list of resources    --must follow MLA style –See attached example
  • Must have at least 5 different sources **they CAN NOT be all internet sources!!!



Overall Project = Due May 18th
  • Follows guidelines
  • Shows good writing and spelling skills
  • Originality and creativity
  • Neatness of product – typed, double spaced
  • Accurate and thorough reporting



Helpful Hints

  •             Write tourist centers for information
  •             Pick up brochures as you travel
  •             Cut out magazine pictures or newspaper articles that could help you
  •             Write your government officials for pictures and autographs
  •             Start on it now!


Helpful Websites


www.dnr.state.mn.us/faq/mnfacts/index.html           --MN DNR

www.enchantedlearning.com/usa/states/minnesota/   --MN Facts

http://www.mnopedia.org/     --History & Events

http://minnesota.agclassroom.org/                   -Agriculture
http://www.mnhs.org/    --History

https://www.state.mn.us/portal/                      --Jobs/education/government
https://mn.gov/deed/   ---employment, rankings, jobs, manufacturing

http://www.exploreminnesota.com/index.aspx           --tourism/exploration

https://www.leg.state.mn.us/              --Government
http://www.leg.state.mn.us/youth/      --government
http://www.50states.com/minnesot.htm --facts
https://mn.gov/portal    --Government

https://www.mnchamber.com/     --commerce/industry

 http://www.elm4you.org                    --library to look up MN stuff
http://www.netstate.com/economy/mn_economy.htm           --Economy/Jobs/Services
http://www.doli.state.mn.us/    --Dept. of Labor & Industries
http://www.easybib.com/    --for Bibliography/work cited