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ISD 499, LeRoy-Ostrander School District 
DustKop Dust Collector*
DustKop is an Aget Manufacturing Company commercial grade vacuum "hose" attachment tool that controls airborne dust on jobsites.  This machine is focused on improving jobsite safety and efficiency for all stakeholders involved in building construction projects, which include general contractors, installers, specifiers, building owners and occupants. Age of machine is unknown (added to shop addition in 1998).
--Sealed bid must include name, address and phone number of bidder.
--Sealed bid must include dust collector removal from site.
--Sealed bid must include patching of wall where dust collector is removed.
--Sealed bid must include the dust collector is to be removed from the building site by October 31, 2023, before midnight.
--Sealed bids will be opened on October 23, 2023. 
--High sealed bid "wins" (receives dust collector).
--Winning sealed bid will be contacted by ISD 499, LeRoy-Ostrander Schools.
Please send/drop off sealed bids to: 
Mr. Tim Bly, Lead Custodian
LeRoy Ostrander Public School, ISD 499
406 West Main Street Le Roy, MN 55951