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Pennies for Patients - April 16 - April 24

We will be extending our collections until Tuesday 4/24 due to the snow day in there. Please bring in any change you have. It could make a difference in the lives of a child with blood cancers.

Monday, dress up is Wacky, Onesie Monday Dollar Day in elementary

Tuesday is the end of the class collections for P-5th grade, and battle of sexes 6-12th grade. Winning class for each category gets an ice cream party and free time. Also, if we meet our goal of $2018 we will have a campout for cancer event where a representative from each 6-12th grade class, student council officer, and staff will campout in the gym date to be determined. Also, Mr Lowe has agreed to dye his beard if we reach this goal.


Pennies for Patients Events

L-O Student Council is teaming up with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to raise funds to make a positive impact on the lives of blood cancer patients! Our school will be joining others across the United States in a program that will be instrumental in raising funds for lifesaving cancer research.

Monday, April 16

  • K-12th graders will be competing all week to raise the most money per student in their class.
  • Elementary will be bringing in their loose change all week. Today is pennies day, so you could have your child bring in all their pennies today and put in their classroom collection box. They are competing for an ice cream party and extra recess.
  • Students are free to bring in other kinds of coins, as well.
  • 6th-12th grade “Battle of the Sexes” competition begins. They are hoping to be the class that earns the most money per person to get an ice cream party and free period for their entire class. The remaining classes will get an ice cream treat for the group in each class that raises the most money per person.
  • New Campout Challenge for 6-12th grade students. If the school raises $2017 this year, a student volunteer from each 6th-12th grade class, student council representative, and a staff member will be camping out Monday night from 7 pm - 7 am. If raining, we will be camping out in the gym.
  • Dress up day is PJ. Let’s Snooze Cancer!

Tuesday, April 17

  • Nickels: Elementary should bring in all their nickels and put in their classroom collection box.
  • During lunch for all K-12th grade students, you have a chance to win a cash prize during a mini-basketball shootout. Each lunch has one winner. Costs just $1 to play. This money goes towards your class competition totals.
  • Dress up day is Neon Day: Let’s let our fight shine bright!

Wednesday, April 18
  • Today is Dime day in the elementary. Keep finding that spare change! Have you checked your couch cushions?
  • Today’s lunch competition is a beanbag contest. Cost is $1 to play. Cash prize will be awarded.
  • Dress up day is Wacky Wednesday: Let’s attack cancer!


Thursday, April 19

  • Do you have any loose change in your car?
  • Today is Quarter Day in the elementary.

Dress up day is Black Out Day: Let’s black out all blood cancers!

Friday, April 20
  • Today is our last day for fundraising.
  • Today is Dollar Day in the elementary.
  • Competition for K-12th grades ends today.
  • Lunch competition is duct tape challenge. Tape the teacher. Who will it be? Students can purchase duct tape for $1 or 6 for $5.
  • Dress up day is Super Hero Day: Soar for a cure!


Winning classes will be announced Monday, April 23rd.