Report Cards/Grades

A+       100%
A         99-95%
A-        94-90%
B+       89-87%
B         86-83%
B-        82-80%
C+       79-77%
C         76-73%
C-        72-70%
D+       69-67%
D         66-63%
D-        62-60%
F         59-0%

Daily Work
 Star (Good Work)
Check (Redo Work)

Due Dates 

  • Most assignments are daily and are due the next school day.
  • For some assignments, you will be given more than one day to complete them. You will always be told when an assignment is due.
  • Due dates are to be written in your planner.

Work During Absences

  • When a student misses work during an absence, he or she will be given the same amount of days to make up all missed work as you were absent.  For example, if a student is absent for 3 days, he or she will have 3 days, counting weekends, to make up the missed assignments. If an assignment is late, the max score they would receive is 75%. 

Contact: Trevor Carrier