Report Cards/Grades

A+       100%
A         99-95%
A-        94-90%
B+       89-87%
B         86-83%
B-        82-80%
C+       79-77%
C         76-73%
C-        72-70%
D+       69-67%
D         66-63%
D-        62-60%
F         59-0%

Daily Work
 Star (Good Work)
Check (Redo Work)

Due Dates 

  • Most assignments are daily and are due the next school day at the start of school. If it's not back, 1/2 credit will be given. 
  • For some assignments, you will be given more than one day to complete them. You will always be told when an assignment is due.
  • Due dates are to be written in your planner.

Work During Absences


With regards to missing work due to excused/unexcused absences. (Staying consistent with our Middle School Policy as we prepare them for their transition to 6th grade.)

He/She will be given 2 days to make up their work for each excused day they missed school. Any work not turned in or tests not made up within the specified period of time on the make-up slip will not be accepted, unless arrangements have been made with the teacher.


With regards to missing work that students DID NOT finish during the school day.

He/She will be expected to take any unfinished work home as homework and then bring back to school the following day. If it is not turned in to our "homework" bin, 1/2 credit will be given. 

Contact: Trevor Carrier