E.C.F.E. Family Activities:

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

6:15 – 7:30 p.m. Lake Louise State Park

Fun At the Beach

Come enjoy some fun with your friends at the beach at Lake Louise State Park. The beach was recently cleaned up and a little more sand has been spread out so I didn't want to miss the opportunity to take advantage of this wonderful resource in our community. You can ride out on the trail or if you do not have a parking pass for the State Park, you can purchase a day pass at the park entrance or you can park on the "Dam road" and walk in to the beach area where there is an overhead arch that says "Wildwood Park" (please do not park on the bike trail - just on the side of the road. If you still don't know where to go : ) - give me a call.


Snack provided.

RSVP by Friday, August 10th by 8 p.m. by text/or phone call – 507-202-1381 or email – dwhalen@leroy.k12.mn.us


I need to have 5 families registered by the dealine in order to proceed with this event. If the event is cancelled I will contact those of you who have made a "reservation"


In case of rain, meet at school in Headstart/Cardinal Kids Room $2/child (pay “at the door”) fees waived for those in need.


*in case you are confuse - originally we were going to do the State Park in June - but we did not have anyone RSVP so it was not held. This one was going to be at South Park, but I received insider info (my husband works at the State Park) that the beach had been cleaned up and some sand spread out so it looks awesome out there and didn't want to miss an opportunity to go the beach. The kids had lots of fun out there two years ago.

*Note that these classes are offered at different times and different locations then ECFE Parent/Child Classes


ECFE Coordinator - Diane Whalen         507-202-1381         dwhalen@leroy.k12.mn.us