Distance Learning


5th Grade Distance Learning Plan

2020-2021: TBD


Students are expected to be online each day, interacting with me (through Google Meet), and engaging in learning. Assignments are due on a daily basis. We have shrunk are curriculum to focus on Reading/Writing/Grammar/Spelling & Math. Normally what we would do in a week of school is now being spread out for two weeks of distance learning. We are not here to overwhelm any student in these difficult times. Let's continue to work together to provide a quality education while maintaining what is in the best interest of each student. 


Class Attendance:

Teachers will monitor attendance through assignment completion and during the schedule Google Meet time. (11:00am to 12:00pm Daily)



  1. Students with internet: will login to their Google Classroom and during the schedule Google Meet times. During that time, students will be expected to stay on top of the school work provided by the teacher. Students can print assignments, scan assignments, take pictures and upload their assignments.
  2. Students without internet: will have the same academic expectations (packet work, projects, reading). Students can pick up their individually labeled folder with class assignments for the next two weeks.



Students should have their class IPad. You can also use their home desk top computers. Just make sure that they have Google Classroom and Google Meet uploaded onto the computer.



Distant Learning Apps:

  1. Google Classroom: to communicate and deliver content to students each day.
  2. Google Meet: to communicate with students face to face on a daily basis.
  3. IXL: Math app to help study individual topics.
  4. Libby: Reading app to find books to read for their AR goals.
  5. Spelling City: Spelling app that allows students to play games while studying their words.
  6. Classtag: App to communicate with students and parents.


How to contact Mr. Carrier

  1. Email : tcarrier@leroy.k12.mn.us
  2. Cell: 507-259-1525
  3. School Phone: 507-324-5741 ext. 2269
  4. Classtag
  5. Facebook