7:55AM-8:09AM: I will be available for students 
First Hour: 8:13AM - 9:03AM: 6th grade Reading
Second Hour: 9:07AM-9:57AM: 7th grade Reading
Third Hour: 10:01AM-10:51AM: 6th grade Writing
Middle School Lunch: 10:55-11:17
4th Hour: 11:21AM-12:07PM:  7th grade Writing
5th Hour: 12:11PM-1:01PM: 5th Hour Study Hall
6th Hour: 1:05PM-1:55PM: Preparation Time
7th Hour: 1:59PM-2:49PM: 8th grade ELA
After School: I will be in my class from 2:49PM until 3:05PM. After 3:05PM I will be available by appointment