Recommended Supplies (This list is for ALL classes with Mrs. Dudley):
** Please be aware that we can no longer share items like colored pencils, markers, etc., as we have done in my room in the past. If you bring these items to school, be sure to have them in a box or pouch, and keep them in your backpack.

Colored pencils & sharpener in a pencil box or pouch
Markers in a box or pouch

#2 pencils or Mechanical pencils (no pens used in my math)  
1 1-1/2 or 2 inch 3-Ring Binder
Loose leaf binder paper
Loose leaf graph paper

Glue Sticks 
Calculator (also available on school device)
2 large boxes of Kleenex and 1 (or as many as you can find!) container of disinfecting wipes  
Earbuds for iPad/Laptop 

 **Please note that I may be changing this as the year progresses