Dudley 2017-18 Daily Schedule


Morning Bell 8:06


1st Period 8:10-9:01 Math with Mrs. Dudley OR Social Studies with Mrs. Nehl

2nd Period 9:05-9:56 Reading

3rd Period 10:00-10:51 Science

    Lunch (6-8) 10:55-11:19

4th Period (6-8) 11:19-12:12 1st Semester: Phy Ed with Mr. Olson
                     2nd Semester: Computers with Mrs. Olson

5th Period 12:16-1:07 Language Arts

6th Period 1:11-2:02 Middle School Band (MWF) and Choir (TTh) with Mrs. Goodale

7th Period 2:06-2:57 Social Studies with Mrs. Nehl OR Math with Mrs. Dudley